H&M Long Sleeved Swimsuit

Not sure this is one for the guys, ok, I know some you reading will now say “well, none of the swimsuits on this site are REALLY for guys”, but some times, some swimsuits really are girly! From the pics, this new swimsuit does look quite stunning – a must buy for those who like bright colours and making a statement. But… who is the suit for? Most young ladies I know go for the fairly obvious and usually two-piece/bikini, all the better for a nice tan, but, in a more health conscious world, a lot of sun is not good for the skin. So, maybe with the likes of H&M coming out with such a suit, attitudes may change?

Anyway, a little health notice, something that has been brought home recently after a minor scare – if you are going in the sun, cover up or use a decent sun scree (and yes, that does mean 15+). If you are concerned about a mole, get it checked. Have a look at the diagnostic checklist on the next page.

More images of the H&S Long Sleeved Swimsuit also on the next page.

Long sleeved swimsuit on the H&M website:

Diagnostic checklist (from the British NHS website):

  • whether the mole has changed size
  • whether the mole is an irregular shape
  • whether the mole is an irregular colour
  • whether the mole measures 7mm (0.28 inches) or more across
  • whether the mole is inflamed (red and swollen)
  • whether the mole is oozing (leaking fluid)
  • whether the mole has changed in sensation, for example, causing itching or pain


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