Speedo Flipturns Swimsuits

One of the most annoying habits that some companies have is selling different product ranges in different countries. I can fully understand this for things like electrical goods (110v just doesn’t work in Europe) and cars (US = left-hand drive, UK = right-hand drive), but for companies like Speedo I wonder just what the point is?

Swimming is swimming whether it be in the UK, Japan, New Zealand or the US so why not offer the same product range in each country? A bit of research shows that the hydrasuit style swimsuit is extremely popular. The original black zip back hydrasuit is one of the most popular swimsuits sold by proper swim stores and on Ebay, hydrasuit style swimsuits (especially patterned ones) go for prices up to £60+.

In the US, Speedo do a range of swimsuits called Flipturns, which include a number of patterned hydrasuit style swimsuits – I would love to get my hands on a few but it is hard to justify the international shipping costs. Please Speedo, start selling them in the UK too!!

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