Zoggs Huskisson High Neck Hydrasuit Swimsuit

Zoggs must be crowned the new leader in the hydrasuit style swimsuit – sorry Speedo! Still love the Speedo swimsuits but the zip, styling and material of the Zoggs is pipping you at the post. Not that I would refuse either though! All amazing suits 🙂 The Huskisson one-piece swimsuit has a bright pink zip on the rear for a great splash of colour although the guy wearers who aren’t bold enough for the pink, you might want to stick with the Cable variant which has the blue zip! Overall verdict? A great suit – worth a buy!

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O’Neill Long-sleeved ‘Glamour’ Swimsuit

A quite spectacular patterned long-sleeved swimsuit – definitely one for the more fashion brave! A great looking zip-back swimsuit from O’Neill that looks good, feels even better and keeps the sun off your arms! Add a pair of shorts and you have a great looking beach top as well 🙂

I will add that this is swimsuit is standard material rather than neoprene.

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Arena Cores Hi-Neck Swimsuit

Arena have pulled a superb swimsuit out of the bag with their Cores Hi-Neck Swimsuit. What really sets the Arena Cores swimsuit apart from many of the other hydrasuit style swimsuits is the structured construction. Strong seams under the bust and side panels give far more support and shape to this suit making ideal for more vigorous swimming. The bold pattern is not over the top and it is great to see that they have resisted the temptation to go floral!

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Xcel Axis Long Sleeved 2mm Neoprene Swimsuit

The Xcel Axis long-sleeved neoprene swimsuit is a well designed suit for slightly cooler waters (or people who feel the cold more?!). In 2mm neoprene, the suit will keep you going longer but without the restrictions of a full wetsuit. Less likely to draw too many stares (i.e. no bold floral prints), the Axis is predominantly blue over the body and arms with white side panels and wrists.

With slightly more width in the crotch, low cut legs and non-raw edges (where the arms end and around the leg openings), this is a really comfortable swimsuit.

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