Long Sleeve Swimsuit

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Long sleeve swimsuits are a definite favourite but are less than straightforward to get hold of! Anyway, if you have a budget of £95.00 and fancy a great looking long sleeve swimsuit with crew neck and zipper back, then this one might be right for you!

Available as of 09/07/2014 from Asos.

Purple Speedo Hydrasuit

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A couple of months ago I emailed Speedo customer services to ask whether they would be doing the hydrasuit in any colour over than purple this year. Last year, they didn’t… again. Being the most reviewed product on their website, you would have thought something might be done. Well this year, they have! A slightly brighter purple than the one a few years ago, this one as pink contract stiching around the neck and for the front centre logo. A great looking suit and definately another for the drawer. Roll on more colours!

Nike Waterpolo Swimsuits

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Speedo aren’t the only player in the game with decent waterpolo swimsuits – in fact there are two other notable companies who make suits that aren’t jsut a traditional solid colour: Nike and Turbo Swim. Nike do a pretty decent looking camouflage print swimsuit with mesh side and rear panels. The swimsuit is available in four camouflage pattern colours: blue, green, purple and red. Well worth a look but unfortunately, it only seems to be available in the US.

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Speedo USA Waterpolo Swimsuits

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I wish Speedo didn’t have such a regional variation in their product ranges. Most companies do the same – different products for different worldwide regions, factoring in what sells better in one country but not neccessarily in another. Unfortunately, this means that sometimes, a decent product slips you by because it is only released in another country.

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Beco Atlanta Swimsuits

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I first came across Beco a year or two ago. I think they are British but not 100% sure. They used to do a zip back swimsuit but saw on the SimplySwim website a few days ago that they now have a front zip swimsuit in slightly more conservative colours to the TYR Huntingdon swimsuit feature last week. The Beco Atlanta is available in red/black and blue/navy.

Zoggs Carbarita

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Zoggs released their own version of the venerable Speedo Hydrasuit last year (the Newport High Neck) with great success. A superb suit, very comfortable with a subtle embossed pattern on the front. This year, they have brought out the Cabarita swimsuit – same style as the Newport but with a fresh pattern and bright pink trim around the neck. A great looking suit and a definate for the collection!

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TYR Huntingdon High Neck Swimsuit

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I am not sure if I have seen a zip high neck swimsuit from TYR before, but they now have one in their collection (available in two colours). Although a zip front suit, it might be a nice addition for the more adventurous – it is rather bright to say the least!

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Upcoming posts…

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Look out for the next few posts coming soon!

  • Atlanta zip front, high neck swimsuit
  • Speedo high neck swimsuit
  • Zoggs Cabarita swimsuit
  • TYR Huntingdon swimsuit

The Cressi Glaros swimsuit

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Last year (well, it was last year when I noticed it!) Cressi released another shiny swimsuit similar to the original Cressi Fire suit. Like the Fire, it is made of 2mm neoprene, has a rear zip and knee length legs. Unlike the Fire, it is available for both men and women! Well done Cressi! I have not yet added one to my collection, but hopefully only a matter of time.

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H&M Long Sleeved Swimsuit

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Not sure this is one for the guys, ok, I know some you reading will now say “well, none of the swimsuits on this site are REALLY for guys”, but some times, some swimsuits really are girly! From the pics, this new swimsuit does look quite stunning – a must buy for those who like bright colours and making a statement. But… who is the suit for? Most young ladies I know go for the fairly obvious and usually two-piece/bikini, all the better for a nice tan, but, in a more health conscious world, a lot of sun is not good for the skin. So, maybe with the likes of H&M coming out with such a suit, attitudes may change?

Anyway, a little health notice, something that has been brought home recently after a minor scare – if you are going in the sun, cover up or use a decent sun scree (and yes, that does mean 15+). If you are concerned about a mole, get it checked. Have a look at the diagnostic checklist on the next page.

More images of the H&S Long Sleeved Swimsuit also on the next page.

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