Zoggs Rhodes Swimsuit – Back in Black

September 15th, 2015 by OnePiece No comments »

Zoggs has really upped the competition for hydrasuit style swimsuits and does really rather a good job too. The Rhodes swimsuit is back, this time in black with a much more prominent pattern to the front. The rear zip is now a superb contrasting bright blue colour. And yes, they still have the tab!

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Blue Speedo Hydrasuit – New for Autumn/Winter 2015

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New for autumn/winter 2015 (“fall” for our US cousins!), Speedo have brought out the hydrasuit in a brand new blue colour. A much brighter blue than the blue of a few years ago, this hydrasuit swimsuit is a welcome change from the now rather common (but still a wardrobe staple) black.

Like Zoggs, Speedo have started adding a tag to the rear zip for much easier fastening – no more dancing around the room performing a bizarre dance to zip yourself in!

More pictures in the “read more”.

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Speedo Printed Hydrasuit

February 24th, 2015 by OnePiece No comments »

After what really is years of waiting, Speedo have finally brought out a new hydrasuit! Not just a different colour from the usual black, but a printed one. Ok, it is still printed on black, but still something different.

See on the Speedo website here

Zoggs – More Hydrasuits!

February 16th, 2015 by OnePiece No comments »

As of today, Zoggs currently have 3 hydrasuit style swimsuits in their range, on top of the Carbarita which is still readily available. This year sees the first navy blue zip back swimsuit from Zoggs – a welcome alternative to the standard black although credit to Zoggs for being a little more original than Speedo by having hydrasuits with patterns rather than just plain solids :)

Click more to see the current Zoggs gallery of hydrasuits.

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Zoggs Carbarita – overtaking the Speedo Hydrasuit?

November 24th, 2014 by OnePiece No comments »

The Zoggs Carbarita is fast becoming the dominant hydra suit, high neck, zip back style of swimsuit. Speedo, you may have dropped the ball! Although the original Speedo Hydrasuit remains a stalwart of many a keen swimmer (some male, mostly female ;) ), it is has had a bit of a dull last couple of years. Pretty much only available in black, with purple available over the last year, gone seem the days of blue, brown AND black & purple.

Zoggs, although not really pushing the boat out, have at least progressed from front patterned to rear patterned, the Carbarita has also been available with pink, blue and orange zips depending on the year. How does it fair in the pool? Really well – easily a strong, just as good alternative as the Speedo Hydrasuit. Our words to Zoggs, lets have some more base suit colours – the black patterned is great, but lets have some blue, red, yellow and maybe even some multi-colour…

Long Sleeve Swimsuit

July 9th, 2014 by OnePiece No comments »

Long sleeve swimsuits are a definite favourite but are less than straightforward to get hold of! Anyway, if you have a budget of £95.00 and fancy a great looking long sleeve swimsuit with crew neck and zipper back, then this one might be right for you!

Available as of 09/07/2014 from Asos.

Purple Speedo Hydrasuit

March 3rd, 2014 by OnePiece No comments »

A couple of months ago I emailed Speedo customer services to ask whether they would be doing the hydrasuit in any colour over than purple this year. Last year, they didn’t… again. Being the most reviewed product on their website, you would have thought something might be done. Well this year, they have! A slightly brighter purple than the one a few years ago, this one as pink contract stiching around the neck and for the front centre logo. A great looking suit and definately another for the drawer. Roll on more colours!

Nike Waterpolo Swimsuits

April 4th, 2013 by OnePiece No comments »

Speedo aren’t the only player in the game with decent waterpolo swimsuits – in fact there are two other notable companies who make suits that aren’t jsut a traditional solid colour: Nike and Turbo Swim. Nike do a pretty decent looking camouflage print swimsuit with mesh side and rear panels. The swimsuit is available in four camouflage pattern colours: blue, green, purple and red. Well worth a look but unfortunately, it only seems to be available in the US.

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Speedo USA Waterpolo Swimsuits

April 1st, 2013 by OnePiece No comments »

I wish Speedo didn’t have such a regional variation in their product ranges. Most companies do the same – different products for different worldwide regions, factoring in what sells better in one country but not neccessarily in another. Unfortunately, this means that sometimes, a decent product slips you by because it is only released in another country.

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Beco Atlanta Swimsuits

February 13th, 2013 by OnePiece No comments »

I first came across Beco a year or two ago. I think they are British but not 100% sure. They used to do a zip back swimsuit but saw on the SimplySwim website a few days ago that they now have a front zip swimsuit in slightly more conservative colours to the TYR Huntingdon swimsuit feature last week. The Beco Atlanta is available in red/black and blue/navy.